10 Grand Press

New York, NY


10 Grand Press is an independent publishing press with a mission to collaborate with artists through process and hands-on experimentation. Artists collaborate with master printer, Marina Ancona to develop and produce ideas in traditional and expansive print forms. The press produces unique and limited edition prints.

All works are printed at 10 Grand Press which is based in Brooklyn, NY and Santa Fe, NM. Recent publications include Nicole Eisenman, Hanneline R√łgeberg, Sanya Kantarovsky, Doug Morris, Lou Hicks and Sarah Lutz, plus past editions and uniques by Angela Dufresne, Harmony Hammond, Carrie Moyer, Tony Feher and others.

1024 Dean Street, #3
Brooklyn, NY 11238
t: 917 763 4269
e: 10grandpress@gmail.com
w: 10grandpress.com
Contact: Marina Ancona