Houston, TX


Left: "Earthlight" Jeffrey Dell, 2018 Screenprint 34" x 23" Edition of 5 Right: "Untitled" Takuji Hamanaka, 2018 Woodcut, Collage 21 3/4” x 17” Unique

The team at DEASIL explores the itinerant possibilities between commercial gallerists, art consultants, and independent curators. DEASIL offers a nomadic approach to programming that aims to produce exhibitions through the careful consideration of artistic intent, time, and unique location. Thus, in lieu of a permanent space, DEASIL operates by activating spaces specific to the needs of each artist and their work, and presenting projects on a strategic schedule.
DEASIL is Arturo Palacios and Hilary Hunt, previously the faithful stewards of Art Palace (2005-2017,) a gallery which focused on promoting artists in Texas.

DEASIL means clockwise, dexterous, to follow the course of the sun, and to “move deasil” is considered lucky.

Featured Artists:
Jeffrey Dell
Takuji Hamanaka


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