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Nude ghosts

Elijah Burgher, 2017 Stratograph (pressure print) Suite of 18 unique prints 23 1/2 x 18 inches each

Horton Gallery, under several names, has since operated in the Chelsea, Chinatown, and Rose Hill neighborhoods of New York City, as well as the Kreuzberg neighborhood of Berlin.  The gallery has realized more than 150 exhibitions, art fairs, and offsite projects in a variety of interesting spaces and contexts that include an old brewery and the parlor level of a residential townhouse. Owner Sean Horton recently announced the opening of a new gallery in Dallas, Texas, scheduled to open in September.  Occupying a storefront on West Jefferson Avenue in Dallas’ Oak Cliff neighborhood, the new space will be known as Sean Horton (presents) and will primarily focus on bringing the work of nationally and internationally established artists, as well as emerging figures, to North Texas audiences.

Western Exhibitions is a contemporary art gallery that shows thought-provoking and visually innovative artists who work across most media, with an emphasis on personal narratives and cosmologies; LGBTQ artists and issues; pattern, decoration and surface concerns; works on paper; and artist books. Western Exhibitions presents unique artist projects, curated group shows and maintains a specific inventory of artist books and multiples, gathered together as a sister entity, WesternXeditions.

Featured Artists:
Elijah Burgher
Deb Sokolow

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