Lower East Side Printshop

New York, NY


Four Heads

Erin Shirreff Photogravure and chine-collé 29" x 21" image; 34" x 22.35" paper (each) Edition of 16

Established in 1968, the Lower East Side Printshop is a non-profit workshop that helps contemporary artists create new work in printmaking. Artist residencies include publishing, contract printing, studio rental, and free award residencies. With public exhibitions, classes, collecting and educational opportunities, the Printshop engages a broad community of artists, collectors, and professionals in contemporary art and printmaking.

Featured Artists:
Arturo Herrera
Erin Shirreff

306 West 37th Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10018

t: 212 673 5390
e: info@printshop.org
w: printshop.org
Contact: Dusica Kirjakovic

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