Overpass Projects

Providence, RI


Kentile Floors from the Back

Julia Samuels, 2015 Woodcut 40" x 54"

Overpass Projects is an all-inclusive fine printmaking publisher in Providence, RI. As director and master printer, Julia Samuels works collaboratively with artists to produce a wide range of contemporary printmaking including etching, photogravure, engraving, silkscreen, lithography, letterpress and relief printmaking. Working with artists from all medias and backgrounds, Overpass Projects explores the versatility of printmaking, bridges barriers between artistic disciplines and promotes cross- pollination between techniques.

Featured Artists:
David Barthold
Eric Diehl
Eric Guerrero
Amber Heaton
Haley Hughes
Erik Hougen
Katie Commodore
Julia Samuels
Michael Menchaca
Sarah Pater
Sarah Nicole Phillips
Doug Bosley

10 Ringgold St
Providence RI 02903

t: 718 840 9719
e: julia@overpassprojects.com
w: overpassprojects.com
Contact: Julia Samuels

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