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Carrier Pigeon

Carrier Pigeon Issue 18

Paper Crown Press is an artist-run publisher committed to creating uniquely designed artists’ books and magazines that push the boundaries of publishing while promoting interdisciplinary collaborations across visual art and literary forms. We collaborate with a range of artists, designers and writers every year and encourage unfettered pursuit of personal vision, without regard to current trends. Since 2010, Paper Crown Press has been publishing Carrier Pigeon, a quarterly magazine of illustrated fiction and fine art. More recently we began publishing outstanding and affordable books related to the field of art and literature and the collision of both.

For the table at 2019 E/AB Fair, Paper Crown Press will launch issue 18 of Carrier Pigeon which features 1 of 4 limited edition embossed prints from an edition of 250, and paper sculpture by Armando Guiller. Additionally, Paper Crown Press will present “Fables, Apologues and Parables” A portfolio comprised of eight, limited edition prints by eight different artists published by Paper Crown Press. These works depict notions of human character, reflection, and metaphoric truth. At last, Paper Crown Press will showcase the collectors edition of “Five Oceans in a Teaspoon,” an innovative, beautiful and moving collection of short visual poems written by muckraking journalist/poet Dennis J Bernstein, visualized by pioneer designer/author Warren Lehrer. The collectors edition includes a signed copy of the book and a limited edition letter press print of a supplemental visual poem.

Featured Artists:
Christina Pumo
Rie Hasegawa
Justin Sanz
Bruce Waldman
Kirsten Flaherty
Matt Barteluce
Russ Spitkovsky
Rob Swainston
Armando Guiller
Warren Lehrer
Dennis J Bernstein

6903 Jackson Street
Gutteneberg, NJ 07093


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