Purgatory Pie Press

New York, NY


Moire Hardware Accordions

Dikko Faust, 2017 Letterpress from found substrates and hand set metal type and rule

Purgatory Pie Press: “a sanctuary for artists, designers and typographers who are seduced by the kiss of type and the touch of metal. Founded by Dikko Faust and Esther K Smith, the New York-based press has long been at the forefront of publishing artists books and ephemera.” Steven Heller, design critic)

One of the longest running artists/presses, PPP is celebrating its 40th anniversary.  Exhibitions include Metropolitan Museum, RISD, Harvard. Collections include MoMA, Cooper Hewitt, Tate Modern, SF MoMA, and the Getty.

Featured Artists:

Maria de Los Angles
April Vollmer
Dikko Faust
Susan Happersett

e: letterpress@purgatorypiepress.com
w: www.purgatorypiepress.com
Contact: Esther K Smith

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