Russell Janis

Brooklyn, NY


Heartwood White (4 Panels)

Kathleen Kucka, 2019 Woodblock print with burn marks Individual panels: 30" x 22" Unframed 4 panel layout: 60" x 44" Unique (from Heartwood series)

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Russell Janis Projects produces and exhibits print-based works from artists of various disciplines. Creative Director and Printmaker Janis Stemmerann curates projects pushing the boundaries of contemporary printmaking into textiles, sculpture and the painterly print.  Using techniques of intaglio, relief and monoprinting processes, the studio generates an array of editions, series and unique works of art.

Featured Artists:
Jamie Boyle
Peter Bregoli
Annie Coggan
Peter Cross
Louise Eastman
Wendy Edwards
Jonathan Fabricant
Molly Haynes
Susan Martin
Wendy Small
Janis Stemmermann
Kathleen Kucka

292 Manhattan Ave. 1G
Brooklyn, New York 11211

t: 347-268-1411

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