Russell Janis

Brooklyn, NY


Russell Janis project space invites artists of various disciplines and stages of career to make prints, providing the opportunity to expand their studio practice, invariably invigorating, rekindling excitement in their professional lives.

Under Creative Director and printmaker Janis Stemmermann, artists are invited to work on the 36″x 60″ Charles Brand Press in the Russell Janis Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our focus has been on ways to use the press to bring freshness to traditional printmaking and share the results directly with the community we have built through exhibitions and communal participatory events. A core theme and interest of the Russell Janis project space is “cross over”. The pairing of diverse disciplines, releasing ways of seeing otherwise not possible.

Featured Artists:
Jamie Boyle, Louise Eastman, Wendy Edwards, Jonathan Fabricant, Elise Ferguson, Tara Geer, Molly Haynes, Kathleen Kucka, Susan Martin, Emily Mason, Wendy Small, Andy Yoder

292 Manhattan Ave. 1G
Brooklyn, New York 11211
t: 347 268 1411