Thorsten Dennerline / The Bird Press

Bennington, VT


Emergent Forms: Visual Improvisation

Susan Sgorbati and Thorsten Dennerline Woodblock, letterpress, stone lithography, CNC milled wooden box

Established in 1997, The Bird Press (Thorsten Dennerline) is a small publishing/art project focused on the production of limited edition artist books.

All projects utilize some inherent aspect of the book as a point of departure, are designed to evolve in an open-ended manner, and often involve writers as collaborators.

Editions range from 15-50 and utilize various print media including: flatbed offset lithography, stone lithography, etching, letterpress, wood blocks, photopolymer plates, and digital pigment printing.

Featured Artists:

Anders Abildgaard
Caspar Eric
Cecilie Lind
Lea Løppenthin
Signe Gjessing
Rasmus Nikolajsen
Susan Sgorbati
Mark Wunderlich
Thorsten Dennerline

1 College Drive
Bennington, VT 05201
t: 802.379.1962
Contact: Thorsten Dennerline

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