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In 1999, the Wall Street Journal described 21st Editions as following “in Alfred Stieglitz’s footsteps.” Stieglitz’s groundbreaking journal, Camera Work (1903-17) elevated photography to a fine art, an equal of painting and sculpture. 21st Editions (1999-present) picked up where Stieglitz had left off and indeed surpassed it in developing the art of the book. Each 21st Editions book is hand bound, one at time, in various materials including leather, hand-made papers, metal, wood, silks, linens, and even stone. The artisan bindings are created specifically to pair conceptually with the contents of the book inside, and even the typefaces can tell a unique story and are essential to the design process. There is a clear difference between a mass produced and a finely crafted book, one that is often lost in today’s world.


Michael Murray
Worlds Apart, 2015
Pigment-ink prints loose and bound (the binding includes paper, leather, stone, sting ray, mother-of-pearl, wood, and copper)
15.5″ x 15.5″
Edition of 46 (35 numbered 1-35, 10 lettered A-J, and one publisher’s copy)