Cannonball Press

Brooklyn, NY


No Grit No Pearl

Martin Mazorra, 2018 Woodcut and Letterpress 18 x 24 inches

Cannonball Press was founded in Brooklyn, NY in 1999. For almost two decades, Cannonball Press has been publishing editions of woodcuts, relief prints, & letterpress prints, and selling them at twenty dollars a pop. From the start, Cannonball Press’ mission has been to produce high-quality, 18” x 24” black & white prints by compelling young artists. This work has taken Cannonball Press to Hong Kong, Estonia, South Africa, Maui, Germany, Denmark and Finland, as well as to numerous U.S. cities coast to coast. Our aim is to provide quality artwork that people can enjoy and afford.

Featured Artists:
Raeleen Kao, Marwin Begaye, Jesse Shaw, Scott Minzy, Joseph Velasquez, Hartwick Hanson, Abraham McCowan, Frank Spidale, Martin Mazorra, Anna Hasseltine, Katy Seals, Jamaal Barber

t: 917 273 0440
Contact: Martin Mazorra

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