EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop

New York, NY



Seung-Min Lee, 2018 Silkscreen and Chine Collé 25 x 16 3/4 inches Variable Edition of 5

EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop (EFA RBPMW) is a co-operative printmaking workspace that provides professional-quality printmaking facilities to artists and printmakers of every skill level. We are committed to inspiring and fostering a racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse artistic community dedicated to the making of fine art prints in an environment that embraces technical and aesthetic exploration, innovation and collaboration.

We seek to improve the overall quality of fine art printmaking by providing low cost, unfettered access to printers, equipment, and education. Robert Blackburn’s vision of a welcoming creative environment with a spirit of openness serves as the backbone of the workshop today.

Featured Artists:
Seung-Min Lee
Renee Cox

323 W 39th St. 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018

t: 646 775 1685
e: essye@efanyc.org
w: rbpmw-efanyc.org
Contact: Essye Klempner

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