Galerie 8+4 / Bernard Chauveau

Paris, France


Coupé en 12 en diagonales

Vera Molnar, 2018 Metal painted and assembled components Edition of 8 50 x 50 cm

Since 2006, Galerie 8 + 4 specializes in the edition and creation of original artworks with contemporary international artists, whether young or well-established.  Each project undertaken is the result of an encounter with an artist and conveys its own specific consistency. The resulting artwork often has a special place in the artist’s corpus, in response to a desire to produce a specific work in a limited edition.  Each project is therefore the result of a long process of maturation, discussions, and exchanges between the artist and the gallery. The aim is not, therefore, to just produce a “multiple of mores” but to reflect on ways of creating limited edition artwork whilst taking into account distribution methods to a larger public than usual.

For us, what counts is the urgency of delivering works likely to enthrall the world whilst interrogating it in a radically new fashion (poetically and politically). On the occasion of EAB Fair 2018, we are presenting artworks that best illustrate the exceptional links built with each of the artists over the years. The selection aims to highlight the unique character of the works, whether they are on paper or have resulted in more substantial objects (mixed media). The sober, minimalist space of the stand will allow interaction of the works and generate at the same time, in the viewer, reflection on current contemporary art practices

Featured Artists:
Robert Barry, Pierrette Bloch, Peter Downsbrough, Philippe Favier, Roman Opalka, Giuseppe Penone, Javier Perez, Julie Polidoro, Nathalie Talec, Claire Trotignon, Vera Molnar, Bernar Venet, Lawrence Weiner

36 rue de Turin
75008 Paris, France
t: +33 1 47 42 31 16

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